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Permeate /pərmēˌāt/ (v)
= spread through out something.
= pervade.

- Women have yet to permeate the world's top military roles.
- The virtual world appears to be a part of our society that is here to stay, and will more than likely continue to increase. It will permeate more of our children’s lives as they grow up, much more than ours. Remember that it is okay to monitor what your child does on the computer or smart phone.

Unleash  /ˌənˈlēSH/ (v)
= release, free

- The Air Force Still Hasn't Unleashed the Full Potential of the F-35 (Yet)
- R1bn (R1 billion) fine for unleashed dogs ‘not amusing’
While a municipal sign threatening to issue people with a R1-billion fine if they walk their animals without a leash on Sardinia Bay beach has raised a few laughs, the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality was not amused by the gaffe.
(Note: R1 is South Africa Rand currency)

Condense /kənˈdens/ (v)
= make something denser or more concentrated.
= change or cause to change from a gas or vapor to a liquid.

Render /ˈrendər/ (v)
= provide, give (a service, a help, etc.)
= submit, present, hand over, deliver for inspection or consideration
= make
= represent artistically
= translate
= perform

- Money serves as a reward for a service rendered.
- He will render his tax return at the end of the year.
- The rain rendered his escape impossible.
- The eyes and cheeks are exceptionally rendered.
- The phrase was rendered into English.
- The character are vividly rendered.

A handy linq ForEach on List collection

Have you ever used MsBuild with Multi-core supported to boost the build speed of your projects (probably more than 100) to improve your productivity?

Have you ever used MsBuild with Multi-core supported to boost the build time of your projects (probably more than 100) to improve your productivity?

We can either build the whole solution or just specific project from Visual Studio using MsBuidl with Multi-Core supported.
I have used it for a while now I think already more than a year and happy with it.
We can print the output to VS's Build Output or print to console (I prefer the console.)
Using MsBuild to build our stuffs we can use Visual Studio at ease I knew that some environment that has less RAM might probably encounter an issue that when you build your projects/solution
from Visual Studio it just halted (or even the text/codes/tabs are mixed up when you are debugging) and you might really hate it! I do.
So using MsBuild I am happy with that so far. My productivity is better. I feel less stress when building a huge solution consisting more than 170 projects :).

To be continued, I will write a step by step on how to do MsBuild from VS.
Peace Out!

RENAME SQL SERVER database name in Multiple user mode with killing all users' session (FORCE RENAME))

*Note: it has to be run against database master (select on master -> new query or add use master)


While 1 = 1
    Set RowCount 1

  @id = spid
  Master..Sysprocesses P,
  Master..Sysdatabases D
  D.dbid = P.dbid

    IF @@rowcount = 0

    SELECT @msg = 'KILL ' + convert(char(8) ,@ID)
    Print @msg
    EXEC( @msg)


Alter database MYDATABASE
with rollback immediate

To run Batch Script as Administrator can be a little challenge.

Sometimes you need batch script to run as administrator:

There is 2 alternatives:
1- Convert your batch script to exe and make exe run as administrator:

2- Add another batch script to open your batch script as administrator:

For example:

ExecuteDBBlank.bat will execute DBBlankExecution.bat as administrator but it requires you to enter password administrator:

runas /noprofile /user:PC_NAME\Administrator C:\Users\COUK\Desktop\DBBlankExecution.bat

Where PC_NAME is your PC name and your main execution batch file can be located at any directory please update yours accordingly.

If we click on ExecuteDBBlank.bat it will ask you for Administrator password if you enter correctly DBBlankExecution.bat will be executed:

If you sometimes have to write some batch script (I do mainly for automation stuff) here is a very good complete DOS tutorial

If you are a fan of building Robot or maybe a fan of Arduino (I am.)

I recommended

The Arduino Starter Kit


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